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Effects Of $ex On People With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure typically does not manifest with any noticeable symptoms. On the other hand, it may be easy to predict how this change may affect your $ex life. High blood pressure can lessen the pleasure you feel from $exual activity, even if it doesn't pose an immediate threat to your health (like a heart attack).

If you are open and honest with your doctor about any issues you may have and work closely with him or her, you can take medicine for high blood pressure and still have a $exually rewarding life.

The Mayo Clinic reports a correlation between erèctile dysfunction (male $exual dysfunction) and hypertension. There is currently inconclusive evidence connecting high blood pressure in women and lower $ex satisfaction.

High blood pressure can cause long-term damage to the inner lining of the blood arteries. The condition known as atherosclerosis, in which the arteries harden and narrow, reducing blood flow, is another consequence. Hence, fewer circulating blood cells are sent to the male reproductive organs.

The lower blood flow makes it probable that some men will have trouble getting and keeping an erèction. The medical term for this issue is erèctile dysfunction.

Having erèctile dysfunction is upsetting even if it just happens once. It's likely that males will avoid physical intimacy with their partners if they've experienced sèxual assault out of worry that it will happen to them again.

Furthermore, high blood pressure may inhibit the production of sperm and reduce a person's willingness to engage in sèxual activity. Some blood pressure drugs may produce similar outcomes.

Even though the exact relationship between high blood pressure and female sèxual dysfunction is unclear, it is possible. In contrast, research shows that women's reproductive health suffers when they have high blood pressure.

Nitric oxide, a compound that helps relax smooth muscles, may be reduced in production when blood pressure is elevated. Less nitric oxide in the body could reduce blood flow to the genital region of women.


There is usually no need to forego a sèxual life due to hypertension, and in many cases it can be avoided. If you're honest with your doctor about any difficulties you're having in your intimate relationships, he or she will be better able to help you manage your treatment and move past them.

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