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Did You Know? In 1995, A Baby Rescued Her Dying Sister By Hugging Her For A While (Photos).

Did You Know? In 1995, A Baby Rescued Her Dying Sister By Hugging Her For A While (Photos).

When two girls named Kyrie and Brielle were conceived 12 weeks before their delivery date in October 17, 1995.

The twin girls were positioned, as normal policy, at the Medical Center in Central Massachusetts, Worcester in 2 different incubators in the hospital. Kyrie grew well and happy, but Brielle did not develop well because of breathing and heart rate problems.

On 12 November Brielle became critical, incapable of respiring properly. Her heart rate was higher and she had aches and pains, a troubling indication that parents and health professionals were anxious that she might die.

Gayle Kasparian, who worked as a nurse, tried everything to calm Brielle by raising the supply of oxygen to the artificial womb. Brielle was not able to breathe well even then and her heart rate rose.

Then Kasparian recalled a noncommon care technique in parts of Europe, which is normal by replication of multiple birth babies, especially those born prematurely.

After talking to the terrified parents about it, Brielle went on to the incubator of the baby, whom she had not seen since she was born.

When the incubator door was shut, Brielle leaned down and calmed down to her sister Kyrie. In a few minutes she was sleeping and enhancing Brielle's blood oxygen readings.

The surprising thing is, as if she was to hold her sister Brielle, Kyrie wrapped her left arm around her sister and this directly helped to stabilize her heart rate as she becomes normal. The twins returned home healthily.

The Story shows that love and affection can work wonders, the strength of gentle human touch, the significance of a healthy physical relationship. A little tender love for people really goes a long way.

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