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A Message To Everyone: Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids (Pile) And Other Diseases By Using This Leaf

Over the years, the common ailment that most people have faced is pile and it has given a lot of people serious problem. But on Sure Truth Herbal Tips, be rest assured that pile will be a thing of the past if you stick to my instructions.

What is pile?

Piles, otherwise known as hemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen collections of tissues in the anal area. These swollen tissues in the anal area contain blood vessels, elastic fibers, muscle and supportive tissue. For some people, the pile can come and disappear, while for others, it spends weeks, months and even years.

Piles can be graded on a scale of I to IV. At grade I to II, the symptoms can be mild, but at grade III or IV, surgery may be required.

• For grade I, there is a small inflammation inside the lining of the anus which may not be visible.

• For grade II, the inflammation becomes large but remain inside the anus. They may come out when passing out stool but return back on their own.

• For grade III, the pile appears outside the anus and the individual may feel them hanging from the rectum.

• For grade IV, this is the most severe grade as they cannot be pushed back in and needs treatment.

Hemorrhoids can be classified into two types, they are:

1. Internal hemorrhoids: This occur within the rectum and are not visible. Internal hemorrhoids fall under grade I and II.

2. External hemorrhoids: This occur on the inside edge of the anus and it falls under grade III and IV.

Causes of pile

Some of the causes of pile include chronic constipation, diarrhea, lifting of heavy weight, etc.

Symptoms of pile

1. Pain while passing out faeces.

2. Presence of blood on the stool after bowel movement.

3. Itchy anus; anus become red or have a sore.


Over my seven (7) years of experience in traditional medicine, I have been able to effectively use scent leaf to cure and prevent grade I and II of hemorrhoids.

Scent leaf (Ocimum gratissimum) is a plant that has a lot of benefits. It contains vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. It also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Scent leaf can be used to cure grade I and II hemorrhoids, through this simple way.

1. Get few scent leaf and wash with clean water.

2. Squeeze the leaf and place the squeezed leaf on the anus.

This is done preferably at night, and on the following day, remove the leaf from the anus. Do this for seven (7) days and also squeeze the leaf and drink.

When boiled for 25 minutes, scent leaf is also effective in:

1. Preventing heart diseases

2. Curing diabetes

3. Relieving menstrual pain

4. Curing respiratory illnesses

4. Boosting fertility in a male and female.

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