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What is HPV, Is It Like The COVID-19?

The simple answer is no. Nevertheless, teenagers and adults of this century should take caution, for this is a deadly virus.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) like HIV/AIDS is an STI different from HIV and HSV, the most common STI in the US. It is so common that almost everyone who is sexually active is prone to contracting this life threatening virus. 

According to the centre for disease control and prevention (CDC), 79 million Americans most in their late teens and early twenties are infected. The peak time for contracting this infection is shortly after becoming sexually active. In fact, fondling with your bodies is enough to pass HPV.

HPV is of two hundred types, forty kinds affect the vulva, cervix, rectum, anus and all other reproductive parts and tracts. It may take years to notice the symptoms but I want to make it clear to all that the three letter word 'SEX' is the mode of transmission. Unlike HIV, it causes genital warts and cancers; with about fourteen millions infected every year. Type 6 and 11 can cause respiratory Papillomatosis (a disease causing the growth of tumors in the air passages leading from the nose and mouth into the lungs).

WHO (World health organization) ascertained that the abnormal change in cervical tissue is caused by HPV. In essence, HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer. WHO also confirmed that early sexual contact, multiple sexual partners and the intake of oral contraceptives increases the risk of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer occurs when the cells of the cervix grows abnormally and invade other tissues or organs of the body and may spread to other parts of the body like the lungs, liver, bladder and vagina.

As an unmarried individual, if you are compelled to continue wallowing in sexual activities, consider it safe to use condoms which would help in protecting you from this deadly virus.

It is worth noting, the number of people dying from the COVID-19 pandemic is rising daily. It would be a sad thing to be infected with this virus since you still visit public places like hotels and motel. As such, the social distancing measures should be strictly adhered to. Save your life and save that of others around you.

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