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What women with vaginal odor are expected to do.

The female organ naturally produces smell but certain conditions can make it produce an unpleasant smell of which immediate action is needed to curb it.

According to WebMD, what women with vaginal odor are expected to do include:

1. Use protection and urinate after intercourse. Semen can lead to female organ irritation and the production of smell or discharge. Don't use a douche after you have intercourse. Just pass out urine to clear foreign substances.

2. Wash Regularly. Cleaning the female organ with warm water is enough. Don’t be a victim of using expensive products to clean the female private area. The female organ is highly acidic, naturally killing bad bacteria. Some soaps may make worsen things, changing the environment in a way that causes bacterial growth.

Do away with perfumed soaps and deodorants. To wash the exterior folds of the female organ, use a gentle soap that won’t change pH levels.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight. Often, “vaginal odor” does not come from the female organ at all. Too much flesh around the folds and inner thighs as a result of being overweight can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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