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Don't Be Surprised, This Is How Cigarettes Might Save Your Life One Day

It is quite unbelievable that something as petty as a stick of cigarette might one day save your life, but there's an actual possibility that it can. 

We all know that smoking is very unhealthy and can lead to early death or caused serious diseases like cancer and tuberculosis but to every negative thing, there's a positive side of it, and I'm going to reveal that in this article.

While surfing the internet, I came across this helpful piece of advice and I thought it would be nice to also share it with you. Always carry a stick of cigarette whenever you go to a dangerous neighborhood. This might save you life one day.

Psychology has showed that an aggressor will likely find it hard to perpetrate an act of violence against you if only he sees you to be another human who share similarities or experiences like themselves. So offering a stick of cigarette to an aggressor (it could be armed Robbers or hoodlums) might just save your life or prevent harm.

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