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Skin Care

Ways Women Should Not Clean Their Vagina

According to an article written by MedicalNewsToday, there are ways a woman shouldn't clean her private organ to avoid unnecessary health issues. A woman's private organ is a self cleaning organ, that doesn't require any kind of cleaning products, to avoid causing inflammation. Using cleaning products may cause a change in the vaginal pH.

This article will look at 3 ways women should not clean their private organ. They include the following:

1. Vaginal steaming

Vaginal steaming is done when a lady sits on a bowl of hot steam mixed with herbs, to help clean the vagina and uterus. It is said to help relieve stress, hemorrhoids, infection and hormonal imbalance.

2. Vaginal douching

Vaginal douching involves washing the vagina with water mixed with vinegar or other substances, to prevent odor. Douching can cause irritation and burning in a woman's private organ. It is advisable to avoid using it.

3. Soap

Using scented soap to wash your vagina can lead to yeast infection or irritation, as a result of a change in the vagina pH.

Instead of using soap or any form of substance to wash your vagina, you can make use of ordinary water and it will be clean.

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