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"Scientists Discover Six New Coronaviruses In Bats." They Should Do This To Save The World

Coronavirus is a virus that is said to have been known long ago. The COVID-19 strain has lead to over 100, 000 deaths worldwide. This is an unprecedented event. Till now countries are battling with active cases and developing cure and vaccine.

According to Digital Journal, scientists with Smithsonian's global health program have discovered six new coronaviruses in bats. This though a good discovery yet it provides a good information for future predictions.

Bats has been known to transmit very deadly viruses to humans like Ebola and others. It is a high time scientists should think of getting rid of this animal from the planet earth for the good of mankind.

In my opinion, scientists should not waste time in taking action about this. Viruses mutate to be virulent (deadly) even if they aren't now. Chances shouldn't therefore be taken. Let the scientists develop a way to get rid of them to avoid future crises.

Bats seem to be animal that habour dangerous viruses. Eating them should be banned immediately and ways to rid them be developed to save humanity.

Content created and supplied by: Sciencehotgists (via Opera News )

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