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A psychologist explains why depression happens

Mr farouk radwan is a famous psychologist from Egypt. In a recent post, he explained why depression happens. Let's take a look. 

Speaking on why people get depressed, he explained that the reason why people get depressed, contrary to popular opinion, is loss of hope in getting what matters to Them. 

To make this point clear, he explained that the function of emotions is to alert us to an issue that needs to fixed. So it is with depression. 

For example, if you are walking in dangerous neighborhood, you will feel fear. Fear in this case is not to make you uncomfortable but to motivate you to move from that environment.

Similarly too, depression is an emotion that is intended to motivate you to get something that truly matters to you. 

He warned that someone should not think that depression happens for no reason as that will intensify the emotion.

Concluding this topic, he said that the key to overcoming depression is to restore hope in getting what you want by taking steps to achieve it.

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