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Worldwide condom day 2020

Abuja, Nigeria. February thirteenth, 2020 – In remembrance of the Worldwide Condom Day (ICD), NOIPolls in association with Helps Human services Establishment (AHF) Nigeria and the National Office for the Control of Helps (NACA) led an across the nation general assessment of public sentiment in regards to condom availability and use in Nigeria. The overview uncovered that a mind dominant part of grown-up Nigerians (92 percent) know about what a condom is and what it is utilized for. This is inspiring considering the crucial job condom plays in family arranging and in protecting individuals against sexually transmitted diseases and different contaminations. Notwithstanding, concerning recognition and mentality on the condom, 63 percent of Nigerians expressed that the principal thing that strikes a chord when they hear the word condom is sexual joy, while 45 percent revealed that they in a split second consider wantonness when they see somebody with a condom. 

Further discoveries uncovered that the availability of condoms is high, for example, the study indicated that 82 percent of Nigerians referenced that it is extremely simple to buy condom in their area. Examination by land area demonstrated that the South-East district (94 percent) had more respondents who expressed that it is anything but difficult to buy condoms in their territory while the North-Focal and North-West represented the most minimal with 77 percent each. When inquired as to whether condoms ought to be free, 61 percent said truly, while 39 percent addressed contrarily. Of the extent who figure it ought not be free, 36 percent explicitly referenced that it ought to be sold ₦50.00. With respect to the favored outlet to buy a condom, a bigger number of the respondents (69 percent) wanted to get to condoms from either a scientist or drug store. 

Conclusion on general utilization designs uncovered that 83 percent of grown-up Nigerians accept that individuals should utilize condom. Of this extent, 58 percent referenced that individuals should utilize condom chiefly to abstain from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Notwithstanding, sentiment on close to home utilization designs indicated that lone 34 percent of Nigerians recognized that they use condom. Note this is 34 percent of the overall public as the review didn't screen for condom use among high-chance people. Of the 34 percent of the all inclusive community that utilization condoms, 64 percent expressed that they use it for the most part for family arranging and to forestall undesirable pregnancy. 

Curiously, examination by geo-political zones demonstrated a lion's share of occupants in the North-East (98 percent) use condoms for the most part for family arranging and for forestalling undesirable pregnancy while 47 percent and 38 percent of respondents from the South-South and South-East separately use condoms principally for insurance against sexually transmitted diseases. By age, respondents matured 61 years or more use condoms for assurance against sexually transmitted diseases while justifiably, respondents matured 18 – 35 (66 percent) and 36 – 60 (63 percent) use condoms for family arranging and avoidance of undesirable pregnancy. Of the 34 percent of the overall public that utilization condoms, just 28 percent of them use condoms reliably. 

Of the 66 percent of the overall public that expressed that they don't utilize a condom, the primary explanation refered to by 34 percent was that it is against their strict conviction. Examination by geological area indicated that the North-West district (78 percent) and the North-East locale (74 percent) had more respondents who said that they don't utilize condom. Note that 17 percent of the individuals who don't utilize condoms state they do so in light of the fact that they either don't care for it or that it isn't pleasurable and the South-West (25 percent) and the North-West (24 percent) had the most respondents who expressed these reasons. 

In conclusion, to cultivate exposure of condom in the general public, 52 percent of the respondents accept that it is proper to advance the utilization of a condom to Nigerians structure the age of 18, while the vast majority of the respondents (78 percent) unveiled that they are probably going to prescribe the utilization of a condom to somebody. Hence, it is significant that support gatherings and other concerned partners make mindfulness on the negative impacts of not utilizing condom as underlined by 58 percent of the respondents. This mindfulness ought to be focused more on Nigerians who trust it is against their strict conviction and the individuals who trust it advances indiscrimination. Intercessions, for example, giving free condoms could likewise help increment the degree of predictable condom use in the nation for viable counteraction of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, particularly for people who see condoms as wrong. These are a portion of the key discoveries from the condom survey directed in the week starting February third, 2020.

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