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5 common habits that can shorten your life

Here are 4 common bad habit that many people don't know are dangerous and could cut short their life's.

1. Smoking: smoking is a very dangerous and life shorten habit that 70 percent of people practice. Which is dangerous , smoking can damage to the lungs and can cause several diseases such as asthma.

2. Taking too much alcohol: taking to much of alcohol is a easy ticket, that also shorten life. Too much alcohol cause the health to deteriorate.

3. Junk food: eating junk food is another bad habit that shorten life, due to the inadequate supply of minerals and vitamin needed by the immune system and causes your immune system to be weakened. A weak immune system can't resist diseases, hence people with weak immune system in vulnerable to deadly diseases which shortens life.

4. Too much or little sleep : According to a study performed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, individuals who snooze for more than eight hours a day are twice as likely to experience a stroke—especially women. While people who don't get enough sleep may suffer from ischemic strokes due to clots that prevent blood flow from reaching the brain, lazy individuals who refuse to get out of bed run the risk of experiencing a hemorrhagic stroke where blood vessels burst and bleed into the brain. Adhering to a regular sleep schedule is the best way to make sure you're as healthy as you can be. Sleep is vital to our health and sleeping too much or too little can shorten your life significantly.

5. Isolation and depression: when you are always alone and always isolating yourself from others, it leads to depression. And depression can lead many condition such as attempt suicide. Never stay alone and always find something to do or someone to talk to avoid been depressed.

Please share with your family and friends to curb this habits.

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