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See Why Men Are Easily Angry

See Why Men Are Easily Angry 

Men have cyclical hormonal changes even as women do.

The male hormone – testosterone – cycles every 15-20 minutes as well as in monthly and seasonal peaks and plays a role in erectile function, sexual desire arousal and mood fluctuations which can differ from day to day.

Testosterone is also responsible for a grouchy boss, a highly competitive handball partner, and an aloof husband. Too much testosterone can cause men to be very agggressive and irritable

Andropause, characterised by a drop in testosterone levels, sets in around 40 yrs of age. Low sex drive, mood swings, disinterest in things going around them, and fatigue can easily be seen in these men.

High testosterone men are more likely to report one or more injuries, engage in five or more alcoholic drinks per day, more likely to smoke and even contact an STD.

Aggression in women is less physically dangerous and more covert /indirect.

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