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I Mixed Petrol With Water And Sprinkled It Around My Compound, Here Is What Happened After That!

Note:Before you read this, you should know that it isn't meant for your car. Mixing Petrol with water is what might be called "an emulsified fuel". You get an unstable mixture of water and petrol. It tends to separate quickly. Therefore, you shouldn't mix water inside your car's petrol tank or your friend's petrol tank. Doing so might be dangerous and harmful. And you should use it outside your house(compound), and not inside your house. This article will answer these three questions:

1:How can I use petrol to kill various insects? (ants and others). 

2:How can I use petrol to keep snakes away from my compound? 

3:Can petrol kills weed? 

 These are questions that will be answered here. Mixing petrol with water is meant for your house surroundings alone, not for your car. Thanks. 

 Petrol is a fluid consisting of a mixture of refined compound consisting only of carbon and hydrogen atoms, primarily consisting of octane, commonly used as a motor fuel. Nigeria among other countries in west is endowed with many natural resources, including petroleum. Due to this, Nigeria is among OPEC(an organization responsible for the distribution of petroleum resources and stability of its price). 

 Dear reader, petrol isn't only meant to fuel your car. Just like kerosene, petrol can serve as an insecticide. I mixed petrol with water, sprinkled it around my house and this Unexpected miracle happened:

1:It Prevented Snakes From Entering My Compound:

 Snakes are poisonous and venomous reptiles of the sub-order "Serpentes", with a long, thin body and a fork-shaped tongue. They are very deadly. As our house is close to the bush, snakes do enter our compound. After I learnt that mixing petrol with water is dangerous to snakes health, I decided create the emulsified fuel(petrol and water), and sprinkled it around my compound. You just won't believe me, I can tell you that we are now free from the torments of snakes and some other reptiles. 

2:It Keeps Away Wall Geckos And Lizards:

 Wall Geckos can be irritating, lizards can be more irritating. You should know today that mixing petrol with water do prevents lizards and geckos from entering your house. Although, it won't kill them but you sure won't see any of these two in your house. All you just have to do is to sprinkle it around your house, to make it faster, sprinkle it on your window. 

 "You should not do any of these inside your house, but outside your compound". 3:Annihilation Of Weeds:

 Dear reader, you must know that petrol can serve as a weed killer, just like the normal expensive weed chemicals. All you just have to do is to mix 40% of petrol with 60% water. You will be surprised, it will make those weeds have yellowish colour before they finally die

4:It Helps To Kill Ants:

 Petrol helps to kill ants. If ants and other insects do attack your compound, just mix petrol with water and sprinkle it around your compound. It works just like magic. I did it, and it worked. 

 Conclusion:These should strictly be done outside your house, and not inside your house. Thanks for reading. 

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