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3 Popular Drinks You Should Consume Less In Your 40s And 50s To Avoid Diabetes

Aging tends to bring about certain changes in the human body. Some of which include loss of muscle strength, reduction in bone density, appearance of gray hair and others. Information gathered from research shows that the pancreas tends to produce less insulin as we grow older, which causes the blood sugar to remain elevated for longer, thus increasing the risk of diabetes. In order to prevent this, it's advisable to reduce the intake of certain foods, especially in our 40s and 50s.

It is very important to maintain healthy nutrition as we age because it goes a long way to safeguard and strengthen our immune system, thus making us more resistant to infections. Old people are advised to go for more natural foods and drinks because they're relatively low in sugar and high in many beneficial nutrients. Having known this, I will be showing you some popular drinks old people should drink less in order to lower their risk of diabetes.

1. Alcohol.

This is no doubt one of the most popular drinks in the world. Alcohol is widely consumed by both the youth and the elderly. Although moderate intake of alcohol is not bad for the health, but in most cases people tend to abuse it. According to mayorclinic, too much intake of alcohol tends to cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas, which affects its ability to secrete insulin, thus leading to diabetes. The popularity of alcohol shouldn't be the reason for consuming it in excess because it's not good for the health.

2. Processed fruit juice.

Those in their 40s and 50s are advised to go for more natural drinks instead of the processed ones. Processed fruit juices are high in sugar, which tends to raise the blood sugar when consumed. They also contain preservatives, which are not good for the body.

It's advisable to opt for natural fruit juices because they're more beneficial to the body.

3. Soft drinks.

Soft drinks are many people's favorites because of their tasty and refreshing nature. However, excessive intake of this drinks may contribute to diabetes due to its high sugar content. Those in their 40s and 50s should try to limit their intake of soft drinks because it has negative effects on the body when consumed in excess.

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Source: Healthline.

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