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Skin Care

10 ways To Cure Body Odour - Aproko Doctor

There are some people that smell. There are some people that don't know they smell. There are some people that don't smell at all. There are other people that their body odour is not their fault.

We have the normal and abnormal body odour. The sweat generally does not have odour . The normal body odour is when the sweat is broken down by bacteria on the skin and produces odour. Body odour is a condition that needs to be cured.

These are the 10 ways to cure body odour.

- Bath regularly

- Use Perfumes

- Shave your armpit and your groins

- Use anti - perspirant

- Reduce the amount of spicy food you eat e.g garlic, onions.

- Use anti- bacterial soaks

- Reduce cloth repeat

- Men should wear cotton underwear often.

- Reduce coffee intake

- Female should wear cotton underwear

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