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Crush 5 Alligator pepper and 2 bitter kola mixed with water extract from bitter leaf to treat these

Hello everyone, please don't forget to share with your friends and also like these article. Always remember ithat what i give you is authentic and effective, most people will doubth it and later,after applying it will scream "it works oo".

I will be telling you how to crush alligator pepper and bitter kola mixing it with water extracted from bitter leaf ( bitter leaf water) to treat these Diseases and infections.

Items needed

5 Alligatorpepper

2 bitter kola

bitter leaf water extract

procedure to make it

  1. Get 5 Alligator pepper and 2 bitter kola.
  2. Wash the bitter leaf and take the water extracted from it,we only need the water.
  3. blend the alligator pepper and bitter kola useusing the bitter leaf water extract ( a cup of bitter leaf water).
  4. Pour into a bottle container and store in the fridge.

Diseases and infections that can be treated using these juice.

  1. It cures asthma
  2. it cures dysentery
  3. it cures gonorrhea
  4. it cures arthiarthritis
  5. it cures malaria
  6. it cures bodyache
  7. it is a sperm booster
  8. It heals vomiting
  9. it boost immune system
  10. it heals flu or common cold
  11. it heals postpartum bleeding
  12. it prevents and treat cancer
  13. it heals menstruation cramp
  14. it burns belly fat

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