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How to increase your Stamina

Physical resistance is, as indicated by WebMD, a website dedicated to health information, the "ability to maintain a physical effort for a long period of time."


Training helps to extend the duration of these periods of time, in addition to providing many other benefits, such as an increase in good cholesterol, an improvement in cardiorespiratory capacity and blood pressure, better performance of the filtering organs such as the kidneys or the liver, and a decrease in the loss of minerals from the bones, as pointed out by Webconsultas. But how to enhance it?

In that same WebMD post, their specialists list some of the most effective actions for improving endurance. One of them is to reduce recovery time between sets and exercises. Whether it's running, rope jumping, or weight training, However, it is not about reducing the breaks to five seconds.

We need at least thirty seconds to recover. If you don't, "the intensity you put in will get lower and lower," explains personal trainer Erica Giovinazzo on WebMD. The key is to finding the right balance. Neither very long breaks nor counterproductive breaks.


After all, intensity should never be affected. It is essential to enhance our resistance. So much so that the third recommendation from WebMD is to do short intervals at a fast pace regardless of exercise.

Whatever you do, you'll know you've increased the intensity when you are out of breath and feel a good burning sensation in your muscles - adds Giovinazzo. A sensation that you should feel several times a week. Because that's the fourth tip: be consistent and train three to five times a week for more than twenty minutes.

Not in vain, from the web portal of Runastic, a fitness application for mobile devices, they explain that you should add additional runs to your week. This works for running and for other exercises as well. Progression is necessary to improve in any type of sports training.


This is why we need to be consistent and stay motivated. And here the mind plays a very important role. We must be very clear about the benefits of good endurance and truly commit to our goals. Only then will we achieve optimal results.

In addition, the Runastic specialists add another recommendation, this time related to food: pay close attention to carbohydrates, our main source of energy.

Especially complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice or oats instead of refined carbohydrates and sugary foods that will increase our blood sugar level to later be followed by a drop in sugar. Oh, and remember that the results will take time to come. As pointed out by WebMD, too early only leads to injuries. It is a long-distance race.

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