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Things To Do If You Have Toothache

Imagine during cold nights and you try to get some sleep because you obviously had a hectic day and you're so stressed out but then you find it impossible to sleep because of the discomfort you're feeling. How then can you handle you handle this unbearable pain? Well, in this article, you will know how.These days, toothache is regularly experienced by both young and old and the number of affected persons are rapidly increasing.

Toothache is caused by accumulation of some food particles between one tooth and the other which if it's not removed by flossing, eventually leads to tooth decay and gum decay as well. Also, a chip or fracture on a tooth which occured with time or by accident can cause toothache with time. It is important to note that toothaches can be inherited.

What then should I do to avoid this toothache? Toothache can be avoided is you follow some precautionary measures. The use of a toothpaste that contains fluoride can immensely help you avoid toothache. Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day. Avoid taking too many sugary things without brushing afterwards. If you don't brush afterwards, some bacteria act on your teeth promoting tooth decay and gum infections. Eat healthily and consume garlics either raw or you add it to a food and always floss after eating.

How then can I handle toothaches if i already have one? When the pain starts,you should rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush gently with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Do not eat sugary snacks or take cold sugary drinks. After eating, floss your teeth so that some food particles that hang in between your teeth can be removed. Then rinse your mouth with warm water too. Intake of pain relieving drugs like Ibuprofen is very necessary especially if the pain is persistent. Then remember to always meet a dentist for monthly check-up. Remember, always change your toothbrush in every three months.

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