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Pregnancy period

20+ Pictures of Women with the biggest bumps who surprised us by giving birth to just one child

Pregnancy is an important stage in womanhood and it is the joy of every woman to experience it without stress. There are some women with moderate pregnancy bumps; yet, they give birth to twins or even more at a time. Funnily enough, some women whose pregnancy bumps are big ended up giving birth to just a single child. The difference is the weight, seize and development of the child.

Studies show that the size of the pregnancy bump is not a determinant of giving birth to more than one child. One thing that is just certain is that if it is one child, the child will be so big and well-nurtured.

It is such a wonder that these women have a very big pregnancy bumps but they end up with just a single child. The explanation to that is that the abdominal muscle in a woman determines the size of her tummy during pregnancy. Some women’s body is not stretchable, thus, when they get pregnant, the growing uterus within them is going to stay closer to the core of the body and unable to move freely. On the other hand, some women’s body are stretchable thus, they had possibly stretched their abdominal muscles during their first childbirth which makes the second pregnancy bump stretchable due to the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

Science also proves that there is high possibility that a tall woman has a high tendency of having a bigger pregnancy bumps than a short woman. It is believed that once a woman has a tall height she probably has a long abdomen too which will create more space for the uterus to grow instead of just pushing outwards. A short woman has a little space between her hip and lowest rib to accommodate a big uterus.

Most women have bigger pregnancy bumps in their second pregnancy. A woman who had given birth has a higher tendency of having a big pregnancy bump in her second pregnancy because her skin and abdominal muscles are already stretched due to her first pregnancy. 

Another reason that makes most women have big pregnancy bumps and end up delivering one child is the position of the baby. When you see a woman with an extremely large belly, she may be in her last trimester, thus, the baby inside her is definitely in a head-down position which makes her belly to grow outward, especially if the mother has a stretchable belly. 

The common belief of most mothers is that once they have a large belly, multiple children are coming which is partly true but not absolutely. It is true that multiple pregnancies affect the size of the womb but not usually the belly. It can also make the belly big but not necessarily.

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