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Why It's Risky For You To Line Your Toilet Seat With Tissue Paper Before Sitting On It

Since everyone is conscious about his/her health, majority of us often take some smart decisions in a bit to safeguard ourselves from any form of infection or illness that may come to us.

Unfortunately, some of our 'smart' decisions are not so good enough as they end up being the reason for our infection. For instance:

Covering a public toilet seat with paper might seam to be the best way to stop yourself from being exposed to bacteria.

As a matter of fact, you are better off not putting anything down on the seat at all, whether it is one of those handy paper seat covers or a toilet paper.

The reason why you should never try to cover a public toilet seat before sitting on them is because the toilet seats are made from materials that prevent bacteria from spreading in the first place. Their smooth surface and shape makes it extremely difficult for germs to latch onto them.

On the other hand, a toilet paper has a rough texture and is primarily designed to be absorbent thereby, making it a perfect material for bacteria to hang around on and stick to.

And due to the fact that majority of the public toilet is right next to the loo, every time you flush, germs fly into the air and can cling onto the roll. Therefore, if you place the tissue paper on the seat and sit down on it, you are effectively perching on top of thousands of germs.

Also, note that sitting on thousands of germs is a great risk especially for ladies or anyone who has open sore.

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