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Former security guard becomes medical student at hospital he worked at

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Former security guard at Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Russell Ledet, who is now a medical student in that same hospital said he didn't have the slightest idea that Hus fate and determination would land him as a medical student.

For the past 5 years, Russell Ledet was a security guard in Baton Rouge General Medical Center, while studying medicine in that same university.

Ledet, who has two children said that he used to carry note cards around and study them while he was a security guard, and ask doctors who works in the hospital questions. While most doctors told him he they didn't have time for him, a particular doctor, Dr. Patrick Greiffenstein, who took interest in him mentored him and took him under his wings.

According to Good Morning America, Russell hold a PhD in molecular oncology from New York University and is currently serving in the army before he embarks on his medical journey.

“This is one of those reflective points when you are trying to understand how far you have come and how far you got to go,” the he said.

After returning to Baton Rouge, Russell Ledet said that he'll dedicate him time to mentor young lads who has dreams like him.

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Source: Good Morning America, ABC News.

Photo Credit: Google and Instagram.

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