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Medicinal Values Bitter Kola and Mango You Need To Know

BITTER KOLA: Contains Kolaviron, flavonoids-apigenin, Saponins, tannins and resin.


1. For treatment of Jaundice/Hepatitis.

How to use: The seed is an ingredient in the preparations for Jaundice/Hepatitis. Crush 10 seeds and soak in one beer bottle of water. Dosage is 4 tablespoonfuls thrice daily.

2. For Treatment Of Impotence.

How to use: Boil the root with some garlic and ginger and allow it to stans for 12 hours. Drink 1/2 a glass thrice daily.

3. For Anti-Poison.

How to use: For snake bites, food or poison of any kind, chew two bitter kola seeds on an empty stomach every night.

MANGO: Contains Tannins, resins, glycoside and flavonoids.


1. For treatment of Bronchitis.

How to use: Bring some fresh leaves to boil. Drink a glass twice daily.

2. For treatment of Malaria Fever.

How to use: The fresh leaves boiled together with the leaves of Pawpaw, Neem (dogoyaro), Cashew and Bitter leave plant, is good for treatment of malaria fever.

3. For treatment of Anaemia.

How to use: Bring some quantity of the stem bark to boil. Drink 1/2 a glass twice daily.

4. For treatment of Diabetes.

How to use: Fill a medium size pot with the fresh, tender leaves and bring to boil. Drink a glass thrice daily.

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