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Tips to Get Your Baby out of An Inappropriate Position

Make sure to check with your doctor before doing any of these exercises. Here are some simple exercises that you can try doing to stimulate the baby to turn into the ideal birthing position:

1. Pelvic Rocks:

This should be done when you feel the baby move. Get down on all fours (your hands and knees) and rock back and forth for five minutes. You can repeat this thrice a day. This may prompt the baby to roll over to the head down, anterior position.

2. Butterfly:

Sit on the floor. Your bottom should touch the floor. Now position your feet to align the soles as they touch each other. Lift your knees and thighs up and down a few times like the fluttering wings of a butterfly. This is good for your lower back and pelvis. It could prompt the baby to change position.

3. Walking and Squats:

Walking is good for you and the baby. It helps to pull the baby downwards by creating a rocking movement and by using gravitational force. Squats help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are crucial for pushing during labour. Squats also open up the pelvis to give the baby more space to descend into the head downward position.

4. Exercise Ball:

Sitting on an exercise ball will help strengthen your pelvis and core muscles. Sit on the ball with the hips higher than the knees.

5. Forward Leaning:

Forward leaning inversion can help stimulate the baby to turn over to the occipito-anterior position that is ideal for childbirth. Kneel on a couch and lower your arms to the floor such that your hands are touching the floor and your head hangs downwards. Raise your bottom high and flatten your back. Remain like this and then rise up.

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