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5 Harmful Things That Happen To Your Body When You Always Skip Breakfast.

You must have heard the old adage that says "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". But how many of you eat breakfast everyday? So many people are usually so engrossed in their daily activities, such as work, school and others that they forget to eat breakfast almost everyday, without minding the effect it might have on their health.

Have you ever wondered what happens to you body whenever you skip breakfast? Breakfast is supposed to be your first meal of day, to live healthily, according to the World Health Organization. Skipping breakfast on a regular basis can cause harmful things to occur in your body. See some of them below;

Bad for your heart.

According to a recent study published in JAMA, people who skip breakfast have about 30% more chances of developing heart diseases. Eating healthy breakfasts like cereals, green tea, eggs, wheat bread and others is very healthy for your heart and cardiovascular system. People who avoid breakfast are also known to have an increased risk of hypertension as well as stroke.

Frequent migraines or headaches.

Skipping meals, especially breakfast triggers a massive dip in your sugar levels and this causes painful headaches. When your blood sugar level is high, its a bad thing and when its very low, its also a bad thing. One thing that's common among people who experience regular headaches or migraines is that they are always skipping breakfast. So, if you want to keep those headaches away, please make sure that you eat your breakfast.

Triggers Hair Loss.

One of the major side effects of skipping breakfast regularly is hair loss. Yes, skipping a meal such as breakfast could affect the levels of keratin in your body, averting hair growth and triggering hair loss. Breakfast plays an important role in promoting the growth of hair follicles. So, if you wish to enjoy a lush, strong hair with zero hair loss, then start eating a healthy breakfast daily.

In conclusion, it is very important for you to always eat breakfast, no matter how busy you are. It is beneficial to your health when you eat those little 5 minutes sandwich or tea in the mornings. Make it a normal thing for you to stay healthy.

Source: Healthline and Medlineplus.

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