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Common Mistakes That Will GET Your Article Rejected On Opera News Hub (Part 2)

1. For OPINION articles. OPINION must be added to the HEADLINE otherwise it will be REJECTED. Opinion articles that are not properly labelled often appear as genuine news stories and can be misleading to readers.

2. Fictional articles about rape, incest, beastiality, rape of corpse will be rejected.

3. Articles making claims about payments and clicks on the Opera News Hub will be rejected if they lack expertise, depth and practical ways to teach other authors. Testimonials with unverifiable figures will also be rejected. 

4. Authors should learn to “attribute” their sources when writing sensitive articles. If an author does not attribute his/her source when writing articles about net worth, and other similar articles, review editors will reject. This source must be from a credible media platform.

5. Articles with sexually suggestive pictures will be rejected. 

6. Articles about BITCOINS will be rejected.

7. The use of images that have no relationship with content will be rejected.

8. All articles that have pictures of snakes.

9. All articles showing abnormal body/skin conditions will be rejected.

10. All forms of clickbaits in both headlines and contents will be rejected. Example; tears flow, the world mourns, etc.

On a final note, before you submit any article, ask yourself the following questions;

What is the impact of this article?

What is the benefit of the content?

How will readers react to this article?

Will my content teach/help/inform/annoy readers?

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