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Common Sign Of High Emotional Intelligence

Not everyone is born with emotional intelligence, it can only be acquired and improved with lots of hard work and practice.

Emotional intelligence in other words is people’s ability to manage others, regulate themselves, and achieve success no matter the circumstance.

Here’s the common sign of people with high emotional intelligence, and how to tell if someone’s got it or not:

The ability to handle criticism without blame, denial or excuses. Self awareness is a deep understanding of what angers us, makes us happy, interest or bore us. When people with high emotional intelligence makes a mistake and gets criticized for it, it doesn’t makes them sad or angry. It simply means a fact to be noted and corrected.

Regardless of the nature of the reaction, people with high emotional intelligence don’t blame others for their mistakes or make excuses.

People with lower emotional intelligence are fond of giving excuses. An excuse is an admission of fault that is coupled with a host of extenuating factors.

Stay safe!

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