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What Does The 4 Main Lines On Your Palm Say About Your Life

What Does The 4 Main Lines On Your Palm Say About Your Life

Many people think that palmistry is an abstract art, people who don't believe in themselves rather invest in foreseeing and palmistry.

Truth be told, palmistry is a science. A person who has studied it will tell you the difference between a chance and a choice.

The deep lines on a person's palm reveals a lot about his/her personality. The choices they would make, what would one do in case a crisis arises, what would their go to pet peeve be.

We at bloggersarena, are going to give you an insight about palmistry and its findings.

What has a palm got to say?

If we look closely, it has a lot to say.

The lines on our palm not just talk about our life expectancy but it goes beyond that.

All the lines on our palm have a role to play and the connections which interwine.

Why does one have to try extra hard

If all the different lines on your palm are not symmetrical (which in itself is a pretty rare phenomenon) then it indicates you are a pretty hard trier. But life hasn't been that kind and you ought to give it one more shot towards everything that you do.

Heart Line

If your heart line starts below your middle finger, then you are a natural-born leader.

You are ambitious, independent, intelligent and you display exemplary decision making skills.

However you may have a selfish and materialistic outlook on love, people having such lines are less sensitive and are pretty cold to others.

If your heart line ends between your middle and index fingers you are trustworthy, compassionate and kind

At times you hesitant and cautious when others are concerned, just so you don't hurt them

If your heart line starts below your index finger then you are likely to have a normal and content love life.

If your heart line arcs between your index finger and thumb, then you are patient, caring, warm and well-intentioned towards the needs of others.

Head Line

The head line, is also known as the wisdom line. It reveals the mental as well as the psychological makeup of an individual. It even states about a person's intellectual development and intuitive abilities.

If the line is long for an individual, then they are those who think things through and do not overreact.

If a person's head line is short, it means he/she is a practical and non-complex individual and they won't beat around the bush.

Life line

This is the line which many are curious about. It begins between the index finger and the thumb and continues downward toward the base of the thumb and the connection to the wrist.

A common myth about the life line is that it reveals how long you will live or when you will die.

It however, reveals the information about encounters in one's life, relationships with others, health and physical and emotional well-being.

Fate Line

The Fate Line is also called the Line of Destiny. It indicates obstacles that one might face, educational and career choices, accomplishments, achievements and how content an individual is with his/her life.

This line also denotes a personality that can be strong, however, it may indicate the struggles that might come in the way of success.

If there are breaks in the fate line, it suggests hard luck, loss or failure in life can happen.

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