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I Used To Throw My Menstrual Pad Away Carelessly, But See What I Found Out That Made Me Stop It

Indeed children of this generation, we take a lot of things for granted, mostly we females. There are certain things we do these days that back in the day of our parents, they are considered as an abomination, but we in this present age, we always feel that, "anything goes". 

Today, if you walk around your neighborhood, you will see both used children pampers and adult sanitary pads littered on the road or carelessly thrown away without proper disposal. When I started seeing my menstrual cycle, I was also naive too and didn't see any need in having to pay so much attention into disposal of used sanitary pads. 

So, after removing I just wrap in a black nylon, look for the nearest dustbin and throw it in. This was what I was doing, until one day, an elderly woman told me to stop. She said that life is in the blood, so if an evil person goes to the waste bin and picks up that pad to use for anything evil, it can easily affect the owner of the pad, since it's the person's blood that is on the pad, whether it is bad blood or not.

 So she advised me that to be on the safe side, I should dispose used pads by burning them properly and not use my own hands to bring problem for myself because the world we live in, is full of evil.

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