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Healthy Benefits of taking chicken eggs in raw method without boil or fried.

Many ways to eat up eggs for nutrition purposes; but some might not know, that egg can be taken in other way, which is much vital and reach to the body than boiled or fried one.

The process of taken eggs in raw method is much functional to the body.

What do I mean by raw one? is one which is not boiled or fried.

How to take it: Break it into a glass of cup, pour a full condensed milk which is more preferable with it; and take it immediately. You can also take it without mixing anything with it. But must be taking frequently for the results to be a bright one.

In terms of freshness: taking of raw egg only and sometimes with milk can leads to freshness of a body. Which has no bad effect on such body but a healthy feelings.

Taking raw egg, not only for freshness of a body alone but it is also works for the body fertilization especially in woman, to speed the rate of fertility in them. In order for it to works must to be taken frequently with milk.

Raw egg is very good to the body: though it's very much irritating, and the smell sometimes might caused one to vomit, but once a person can boldly take it; the results will be of a happy smiles later.

In other ways taken raw eggs is healthy to the body; it is a booster of fatness in the body. Before this could works anyway, there's a pill called gold liver which should be taken immediately after taken the raw eggs or before taking it.

Raw eggs with honey: will also have a sore throat cleared but it's not working perfectly due to the difference in natures of people. It works perfectly for some while in a negative side to others.

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