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Health benefits of goron tula fertility fruit

Although relatively unknown by many, gorontula is considered a “ miracle fruit ” by those who know it for many health benefits.known as tree hibiscus, azanza, snot apple in English language, gorontula as it is called in Hausa, is in northern part of Nigeria. It is sweet and Chewy as well hence why it is also called “african chewing gum” fruit.

The health benefits of gorontula includes prevention of high blood pressure, lower blood sugar level, ease digestion, improve the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma.

The fruit is commonly consumed as a food additive added to soups and porridge, and it can also be used to boost fertility hence minimising the dependence on synthetic drugs.

Increase of libido gorontula is used to increase the libido as consumption of the Fruit helps also serves as an aphrodisiac serveral rounds of having sex with your partner.

Vagina lubrication women with dry vagina are advised to try gorontula as it stimulates the production of vagina wetness and is perfect for keeping the vagina area moist and wet. Chew 5-10 pieces to feel the effect very well down , depending on body type.

Get rid of vagina odour gorontula is good in getting rid of bad odour coming from vagina as it serves as a cleanser, helping to clean it.

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