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Do You Drink Coconut Water? Here are 5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Do

Coconut Water is no doubt one of the things most Nigerians love to enjoy and it is quite enjoyable. It has become quite trendy nowadays ever since more of its benefits keeps coming to light.

Many people drink coconut water for the pleasure they get although a lot more people still drink it for other medicinal purposes. The question now is, what happens to your body when you drink coconut water?

1. It enriches your body with Antioxidants

Despite the fact that a lot of people drink coconut water, they don't still know that it has so many benefits including it's high level of Antioxidants.

Research carried out in rats and mice showed it contains high level of antioxidants that could be beneficial to health although more research needs to be carried out on this.

2. It may help lower blood sugar

Though these researches are not still clear, there are high possibility that Coconut water can help reduce blood sugar for people with Diabetes.

This research was carried out more on rats and other animals which had diabetes and proved true. But more studies needs to be made on human studies.

3. May help prevent or cure kidney stones

Early studies suggest that coconut water may help prevent kidney stones or reduce crystal and stone formation. Although more studies need to be carried out to certify this.

It doesn't harm to keep drinking coconut water if you already do and start doing if you ain't.

4. May help protect the heart health.

Research shows that coconut water could help in promoting better heart health as they help in lowering cholesterol levels. There has been many studies to prove this point but more studies needs to be made on human studies.

5. It can prolong exercises

If you are the type that loves doing exercise from time to time and you drink glucose in order to maintain fluid balance, then coconut water could be perfect for you.

Research shows that coconut water contains electrolytes which helps in replenishing fluids in the body. It is almost equivalent to sport beverages.

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