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"Okra" Is Its Native Name, Here is Its English Name and Health Benefits

Although English language is our Official language, we sometimes find it hard to operate fully with it. This might be because of the availability of numerous indigenous languages.

This availability of several indigenous languages lead to many ethnic group assigning local names to fruits that were originally given names in English language. Sometimes this makes us forget the English names of these things. In this article, we are going to look about the real name of the common vegetable Okra and it's health benefits.

The English name of the popular Vegetable, Okra is the Ladies Fingers. It is a flowering plants from the mallow family.

Here are 5 health benefits of Eating Ladies Fingers (Okra)

1. It is rich in nutrients

It contains several nutrients like fiber, fat, protein and many vitamins. But it is particularly rich in vitamin C and K

2. It contains beneficial Antioxidants

It has been proven that Okra is rich in Antioxidants which can reduce your risk of serious disease, prevent inflammation and contribute to overall good health.

3. May lower heart disease risk

It has also been proven to help prevent heart diseases and fight harmful inflammation.

4. May lower blood sugar level

According to, eating Okra have been linked to blood sugar control, but some research suggest that it may interfere with common diabetes medications.

5. It is said to be beneficial to pregnant women

This is because of the various vitamins and minerals present in it.

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