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5 Warning Signs Of Mouth Cancer You Should Never Overlook

Over 100 thousand Nigerians suffer from mouth cancer yearly. According to WebMD, mouth cancer is a growth in the mouth that does not go away. Mouth cancer is also refered to as, oral cancer and it covers areas like the; tongue, lips, throat, cheeks, floor of the mouth, etc.


If mouth cancer is discovered early, it can be treated but, if it is discovered late the treatment and survival becomes difficult or, impossible. Which is why, people should always pay attention to what is going on in their mouth and their oral health in general.

Studies have shown that, people who smoked, or drank excessively, and those who have contracted the HPV virus have more risk of having mouth cancer.

Image: Daily Dental Care

Five Warning Signs Of Mouth Cancer You Should Never Overlook

1. Severe Sore Throat And Hoarseness: sore throat due to mouth cancer does not go away and is more severe than normal sore throat. Hoarseness and changes in voice are also some symptoms that are assocciated with mouth cancer.

If your voice suddenly becomes harder and you have a sore throat that refuses to go away, it is time the see a doctor.

Image: TrustCare

2. A White Or Reddish Patch Inside Your Mouth: people can sometimes have white patches inside their mouth when their body is deprived of certain things.

However, when you notice a white or redness patch that does not disappear within days, the patches might be a warning sign of a bigger problem like, mouth cancer.

Image: Dreamstime

3. Bleeding In The Mouth And A Lip Or Mouth Sore That Refuses To Heal: the only extremity that people bleed from occasionally is their nose. But mouth cancer can cause people to start having an unexplained mouth bleeding which is completely unprompted. 

Mouth cancer can also cause sores to appear in the lips or mouth and these sores should be regarded as a warning sign of mouth cancer if they refuse to heal.

Image: DDS

4. Ear Pain, Mouth Pain And Soreness: when a person suddenly starts experiencing an unexplainable pain in their ears and mouth it maybe a warning sign that such person might have mouth cancer.

Also, having continous sores on your face, neck and mouth that bleeds easily and refuses to heal is a warning sign of mouth cancer too.

Image: Dentist USA

5. Difficulty In Chewing, Swallowing, Speaking And Moving Tongue: those who have mouth cancer find it hard and sometimes painful to swallow things. Talking, moving their jaw and their tongue can also be difficult and painful sometimes.

If swallowing, speaking, tongue and jaw movement becomes hard and painful, consult your doctor immediately.

Image: Medbridge

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