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Reasons why people die to early.

Most people in the world today wants to live to a very old age, they want to enjoy life to the fullest both make and female. But die at a young age being unable to accomplish their goal. One would ask what caused their death? Aren't they too young to die? Most of the reasons they die early are caused by themselves. There are thousands of reasons why people die, some are even a grim reminder of what we know already.

1. Smoking: smokers are liable to die young, they suffer from different kind of respiratory disease. Smoking is more dangerous than HIV virus, when a person get addicted to it, he or she become unhealthy no matter what kind of food he eats. Smoking should be banned or controlled just like raping.

2. Bad lifestyle: having a bad lifestyle will surely let you to die young. Do regular check-up, eat much vegetables and fruits than junks and do exercise regularly.

3. Drug and alcohol: 15%of the death of young people was a result of abusing drug and taking of alcohol. Drinking alcohol and smoking maybe a mean to show your peers you are matured but it is risky.

4. Stress: stress kills an individual slowly and silently. Stress can make one breakdown and it's avoidable with enough sleep. Too much stress will surely lead you to an early grave.

5. Depression: when one get depressed different thought keep coming to his mind like to commit suicide. Depression can come from death of loved one, family, bad experience.

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