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Plastic Surgery: What are the downsides to a tummy tuck?

8 out of 10 people believe tummy tuck surgery is a weight loss surgery. If you are one of those 8, then keep watching this video.

People always believe misconceptions until they are made aware of the facts. If you have decided to go for a tummy tuck surgery but still confused then watch the video by Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, one of the best Plastic Surgeon in India to know the facts regarding tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck also knew as abdominoplasty or lipo-abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which flattens the tummy and results in an improved body shape.

It gets one rid of the excess loose skin that is hanging on the tummy after massive weight loss, childbirth or simply due to loosening muscles and loose skin.

The end result of a well-done abdominoplasty is flattening of the abdomen, tightened muscles, removal of stretch marks and as a result of all this an improved body image.

* Excess loose skin, flab, and stretch marks in the lower part of the tummy that is unresponsive to exercise and weight loss measures

* If you feel that your self-confidence is affected by your unattractive protruding and lax abdomen.

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