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You'll Never Throw This Part of Your Pineapple Away After Reading This.

Do You Know That Apart From The Fruits of A Pineapple, You Could Also Use Its Body Part To Cure Some Ailments? Get Ready For A Brand New Discovery.

This beautiful fruit called Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) is well known for its appetising taste and powerful nutritional facts. It has different parts; ranging from the crown (shoot apex/top), to the fruit, to the slips, to the stem, to the sucker (aeriel and ground), to the leaves and to the roots (fibrous/auxilliary.) One of the most amazing thing about this fruit, is that, it is very cheap. With as low as ₦50 (fifty naira), you can get a good sliced portion of it. And within the price range of ₦300 - ₦400 (or less), you can get a complete pineapple. 

It would be unfair if we go into the business of today without first stating some of the health benefits of this wonderful pineapple fruit.

Some Health Benefits of Pineapple:

1) Surgery: Steady intake of pineapple fruits, would help you recover very fast after a surgical operation or after any stressful job/activity.

2) Arthritis: Pineapple fruits are well known for having what we call bromelain. This bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It is also added for the complete treatment of arthritis. 

3) Immune System: These exceptional fruits called pineapples, help in keeping you strong, fit and healthy by boosting your immune system. Trust me, when you have a strong immune system, you would barely fall sick and you won't be prone to disease attacks. When your immune system is boosted, inflammation (swellings/bloating/blisters/boils) would be far from you.

4) Fights Against Cancer: Cancer is a disease which instigates uncontrollable inflammation of some parts of the human body, but, this bromelain found in pineapple has been proven to fight against inflammation, hence, the risk of cancer is reduced when pineapples are frequently taken.

5) Reduces Female Private Part Odours: Steady intake of fruits in general have been proven to fight against bad smell from a woman's private part, and pineapple, is one of them.

6) Appetiser and Digester: Pineapple is a good option for those who usually loss appetite for food and it also contains wonderful digestive enzymes called bromelain.

7) Disease Fighter: Undoubtedly, pineapples and all fruits contain vitamins which help to fight against diseases, and keep the body fresh and smooth.

8) Very Nutritious: Pineapples are special. They contain some percentages of nutrients such as iron, riboflavin, penthotenic acid, niacin, magnesium, potassium, folate, thiamin, copper, vitamins, manganese, fiber, carbs, protein, fat and calories.

OK, let's move on to the business of the day. Today, we want to talk about the other part of the pineapple which is called the crown (some people might call it the head, or the upper part).

The Crown of A Pineapple Cures All Forms of Body Pains And Insomnia (A sleep disorder in which you find it difficult to sleep).

Step by Step Instructions on How to Use It:

1) Firstly, slice the crown of a pineapple (just one crown is OK).

2) Secondly, wash it properly with clean water, until it's very clean.

3) Cut the said crown of the pineapple into bits (into smaller pieces.)

4) Add clean water (half litre) into your clean pot, then add your sliced bits of pineapple crown immediately. (Allow it to soak the water for 2 minutes)

5) Boil the mixture (No. 4 above) for, at least, 30 minutes with stove or 20 minutes with your gas cooker.

6) Sieve the liquid into a clean container, then discard the solid particles (sliced bits.

7) Your solution is ready, now, drink one glass full in the morning, and half a glass in the evening.

Within three days, you would experience a positive turnaround from body pains, to body relief and from sleeplessness, to sleeping well. 

NB: Once the solution is finished (maybe, it's used by more than one person or you just want to continue using it), you can prepare another one following same procedures.

Also note that, this solution could be stored in the fridge, then boiled before drinking again.

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Content created and supplied by: Emmanuel_Jacksong (via Opera News )

Ananas Comosus Brand New Discovery Get Ready For A Pineapple


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