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6 Strange Things That Happen To Your Body While Sleeping.

Sleep is a period of rest. As humans, we all sleep. At night we would like to sleep peacefully and restore energy. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a person who has never encountered some strange and unpleasant sensations accompanying sleep.

There are some strange things that happen to your body while sleeping. You may be shocked reading them right now. But, that's the truth. They sound so weird though.

Let's take a look at the strange things that happen to the body while sleeping:

1. Sleep Paralysis:

Have you ever woken up from sleep and it seems like you are stucked in bed? It feels like you cannot move but only your eyes can move. Well, this happens to almost everybody. However, it lasts for some seconds. But in some people, it lasts longer.

Normally, when we fall asleep, we are paralyzed so that we don’t sleepwalk and such. With sleep paralysis, our muscles "turn off" when the brain is awake. This causes them to be paralysed for a while.

2. Having A Dream Within A Dream:

The person sees a dream, then wakes up, but strange things continue to happen to him.

Imagine you wake up from a dream, turn off your alarm, get out of bed, and then things start getting weird — you start floating above ground and the mirror you are using appears to be moving.

Then, you wake up again to find yourself still in bed and back to reality. This phenomenon of having a dream within a dream does actually happen to some people and is totally normal.

3. Falling Unto The Bed:

Sometimes we feel like we have been thrown onto our bed from high up. We flinch and wake up. Sometimes before that, we dream that we are flying or stumbling and falling — a rather unpleasant feeling.

Sleeping is similar to dying — the heartbeat and breathing slow down, muscle tone is reduced. The brain "gets frightened," perceives this as a real death, and checks whether the person is alive, sending impulses to the muscles.

4. Out - Of - Body Experience:

This is a neuropsychological phenomenon during which a person, half-asleep and half-awake, sees himself from a place outside his body. This is really strange.

This is what the movie industry illustrates when a person dies. It feels like the soul comes out from the body. This is also what happens while sleeping. For mystics and occultists, this confirms the existence of the soul.

The phenomenon is very difficult to study. While scientists know that the illusion of getting out of the body does exist, it is not clear how it works and why it arises. It’s also unclear how to deal with this. Yet some know how to enter this state deliberately. They do so to expand the boundaries of their cognitive capabilities.

5. You Get A Little Bit Taller:

This sounds really strange and it calls for experimentation. Do we actually get a little bit taller when sleeping?

You increase in height because the discs in your spine rehydrate without the weight of your body pressing down on them, which is what happens when you stand up.

6. You Have Sex In Your Dream:

This is usually common. Having sex in your dream ranges from sexual intercourse to masturbation.

Some people usually have sex when they are sleeping. This condition is known as sexsomnia.

This phenomenon occurs when the brain is half awake and half asleep and the person is often completely unaware of their actions.

There are many more strange things to happens to our body while sleeping. Some includes: sleep talking and walking, moaning and groaning, e.t.c.

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