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10 reasons why you itch after taking a shower.

Itching of the skin, either severe or moderate makes one uncomfortable.

Intense inching of the skin is a sign of an underlying health condition in the body, below is a list of these medical conditions one should be wary of, and quickly book an appointment with a doctor for a checkup.

1. Very dry skin: this is characterized by a lack of moisture on the skin. When an individual has dry skin, the skin itches. This is more intense after taking a shower.

2. Skin Cancer: One early symptom of skin Cancer is itching of the skin, the itching is accompanied by a mole or a raised patch that bleeds when it is scratched by the individual.

3. Diabetes: This is when a hormone called "insulin" is not responding to receptors in the liver to help control your blood sugar. Severe itching of the skin after taking a shower might be a warning sign of this dreaded disease. Please visit your doctor for checkups.

4. Kidney disease: in this condition, the skin itches only if is in its advanced stage.

5. Overactive thyroid glands: the thyroid gland is located at the anterior side of the neck. A problem with this gland might lead to swelling on the neck, it is medically called grave disease. Malfunction of this gland makes the skin itch. In these people, the itch might be widespread.

6. Liver disease: itching is also common in people with liver diseases. It is characterized by itching which starts in the Palm and sole of the feet, then spreading to every part of the body.

7. Allergic skin reaction: When the body reacts with food or some certain things we touch eg phones, jewelry, and belt buckles, the skin might react towards it causing itching. The itching should disappear after two days. If itching continues, please see a dermatologist.

8. Reaction to Marine life: You can also get itching skin after being in the water, such as a lake, river, swimming pool, etc.

9. Stroke: When there is damage along a nerve due to this disease, the skin itches. The itching is only in one part of the body, and it is not accompanied by a rash, the itching can last only for one month.

10. HIV: the itching comes with a rash and it starts from the back, face, and neck, before spreading to every part of the body.

Itching skin is a long-standing disease that can affect your quality of life, it can disrupt your sleep, makes it difficult to concentrate, and makes you scratch intensively until your skin bleeds. If you can not figure out what is causing your itch, please visit a certified dermatologist, he or she can help.

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