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5 Magical Benefits of Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is a rich plant found mostly in Africa. Nigerians often squeeze out and ditch most of its bitter juice, then use the weakened leaves for soup This is WRONG! Bitter leaf contains so much vitamins and other nutrients you would run out of limbs counting its benefits. Its uses range from curing skin-deep problems, to illnesses of the inner organs.

1. Food Poisoning: You have probably had that one meal that just didn't agree with your digestive system and left you with severe symptoms such as vomiting, visibly bloated tummy, tummy ache and consistent farting. All you needed was a glass of bitterleaf juice! Wash the fresh leaves, squeeze (or blend, for the sake of your fine nails) thoroughly, then extract the juice. If taken at night right before sleeping, you'd wake up feeling extremely refreshed and clean as a whistle after visiting the john.

2. Ulcer: Ulcer can be such a persistent discomfort, especially when the proper medications are not taken. A lot of pharmaceutical drugs soothe ulcer symptoms rather temporarily. But you could adopt the habit of taking bitter leaf juice consistently. Although bitter leaf juice is best taken within few hours of being brewed, you can also refrigerate for emergency sake. Have a glass of bitter leaf juice with your meals, especially if you don't wish to quit meals/ingredients that trigger ulcer.

3. Skin Diseases: Bitter leaf has also proven effective in curing skin diseases such as acne, ringworm, eczema and rashes. This time, you need both the leaves and juice. For acne, make a paste out of the leaves, apply on your face as a mask, leave for about 30 minutes, then wash off. Do this consistently for two weeks and see the clear difference. Bitter leaf significantly reduces excess facial oils that cause acne. You can also drink the juice while rubbing the paste for faster results. Apply the paste on the skin for longer periods in cases of rashes, eczema and ringworm.

4. Malaria: While bitter leaf does not boast as a solo cure for malaria, it goes a long way in abating the disease. You can accompany each dosage of medicine with a glass of bitter leaf. The amazing thing is that bitter leaf is just a herb, hence it won't conflict with your pharmaceutical prescription. So next time you're feeling brave enough, swallow those pills with a glass of bitter leaf juice instead of plain water!

5. Other Benefits:  Bitter leaf is effective in purifying the liver and blood. Just as it is useful in stopping constipation, it is also effective in stopping diarrhoea and some other bacterial infections and diseases.

Content created and supplied by: Chiluba_P.Ogoke (via Opera News )

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