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5 leaves that help In Boosting Blood Production

In Nigeria, there are several natural leaves that aid to build blood. These leaves are high in iron and other vital minerals that aid to increase blood flow. When compared to chemical blood tonics, these leaves are less expensive. If you eat these leaves for several months, your blood sugar level will rise.

The following is a list of Nigerian natural blood tonic leaves.

1. Ugwu or Pumpkin leaves.

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Iron and other minerals can be found in pumpkin leaves. This iron aids in the synthesis of haemoglobin, the pigment responsible for the hue of red blood cells. To drain the water, squeeze the Ugwu leaves. For a superior flavor, combine the Ugwu Juice with malt or milk.

2 . Sweet potato leaves

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Sweet potato leaves are a natural blood tonic with a high iron content. Potato leaves contain chemical compounds that aid in blood formation. Sweet Potato leaves can be used to treat anemia due to their high iron content.

3. Goat weed (Ageratum conyzoides)

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Goat weed is a beneficial herb that can be found in woods and farms. Scientists discovered that goat weed is a blood booster in a study conducted at the University of Benin.

4. Blood of Jesus leaf (J.Carnea)

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J.Carnea is another name for the Blood of Jesus leaf. Iron, folic acid, and Vitamin B12 are all found in this herbaceous plant. These elements are essential for blood formation.

5. Hospital Too Far

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Although the name of this leaf is amusing, it is a highly helpful leaf. It contains iron as well as other important ingredients for blood formation.

These leaves are essential for blood production. To gain blood quickly, consume these blood-boosting leaves on a regular basis.

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