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5 Notable Reasons Why You Should Sleep Without Clothes.

Sleep is a very essential activity for healthy living. It entails relaxing and losing consciousness due to a temporary shut down of the human body system. The sleep-wake cycle is regulated by a special chemical substance, Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland beneath the cerebral body.

However, good sleep is the ideal Crux. Lack of good, deep and a peaceful sleep deprives one of the original benefits of sleep. There are various things that should be done to ensure that one enjoys good sleep and the merits that accompany it. Sleeping naked is one of them.

Research and studies have proven that an estimate of about 8% of people sleep without their clothes, and this is most probably because most people are ignorant of the benefits attached or maybe some other circumstances.

In this piece, I'd be describing the amazing impacts that sleeping naked makes on you, healthwise, psychologically and physically.


1. Brain power enhancement:

Good,deep sleep is known to boost and enhance brain power and efficiency by exterminating certain toxic proteins on the cortex of the brain, this obviously facilitates an improved memory capacity, intelligence and calculative abilities. However, studies have proven that lowering the body temperature tends to ensure a deep sleep, which in turn enhances the brain power. Furthermore, sleeping without your clothes on is a good way to lower your body temperature without having to lower the temperature of the entire room, hence you end up helping yourself by exterminating toxic proteins formed on the brain.

2. Reduces Stress:

Stress is of course known to be very detrimental to one's health and existence. Healthwise, it tends to cause a weakening of the immune system, hence exposing the body to the incidence of various kinds of ailments. It also increases the tendency of having heart (cardiovascular) related issues. Stress causes unnecessary fatigue, which is a strong antagonist of a peaceful wellbeing.

However, in conclusion from the details I gave earlier, stripping down before going to bed is an excellent way to get better sleep, which in turn neutralises the effects of stress.

3. Helps you lose weight:

It's apparent so far that sleeping in the buff has quite loads and loads of advantages you probably weren't aware of, and here's another shocker: Sleeping naked helps you lose pounds of weight, yes you read it right! Keeping your body cool while asleep stimulates an increased secretion of brown fat which produces heat by burning up calories at a rate about 300 times more than any organ of the body. This effect increases your metabolism, and of course lingers on throughout the day, giving you the benefit of burning more fat and losing excess weight.

4. Anti-aging effect:

Sleeping naked as stated above increase the rate of body metabolism, hence promotes an increased, more efficient production of hormones that regulates various bodily functions and activities. Most importantly, the growth hormone and melatonin, which possess anti-aging abilities experience an increased production when you sleep without clothes.

5. Builds confidence:

Confidence is an essential virtue for success and prosperity in one's field of career and every other affair. Research has proven that confident people get promoted and get more opportunities more often than their non-confident counterparts. Sleeping naked gives you an aura of confidence and self esteem, as you get comfortable in your own skin. The more you get such comfort, the higher your confidence and self esteem.

Knowing that this myriad of benefits are embedded in the practice of sleeping naked, you should make moves to adjust your lifestyle to be a beneficiary of your healthy activity.

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