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OPINION: Why The Rest Of Africa Need To Work Together And Learn From Madagascar

I have vowed to expose the global conspiracy so that our people will not become sacrificial lambs to global powers. There is a reason for the protracted loss of lives to a disease that ought to have been defeated. The WHO (World Health Organization), a health wing of the UN (United Nations) is largely involved in the global scheme. The scheme itself is an attempt to suppress every other natural remedy in preference to the use of vaccine developed by one of the World Power nations. 

I have taken the trouble to bring you the components of the Madagascar drink that has stopped a single soul from dying in that nation. Do well to study the natural herbs that are used to manufacture that drink and ask yourself why WHO would be against the use of such drink. Yes, WHO said they are not sure that the Madagascar drink is safe for consumption. What is unsafe about a drink made from Garlic and other natural herbs? Is it not clear that something is wrong somewhere?  

Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US disclosed the result emanating from the use of Remdesivir treatment. According to him, that treatment has the potency of killing the virus in few days. Why is WHO not talking about that treatment? You can see that WHO is an ally of those behind this scourge. I have every reason to agree with professionals who claim that the virus is unnatural; for if it were natural, it would not survive in both arid (hot) and temperate (cold) regions. How WHO suppressed results from Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc Sulphate is most befuddling. 

What exactly is WHO waiting for? Our death? Anyway, I am happy that the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to give herbs a try. We cannot continue to sit at home because of a threat that has solution. The scourge has been conquered in some countries all over the world, but the global conspirators continue to suppress such information. Nigeria must work with other African nations to surmount this conundrum. The list below will help us all

1. Alkaline food substances of all kinds, since the virus has low pH - tangerine, lime, lemon, pineapple etc

2. Washing of hands with soap that lathers, since the lather removes the fatty protective coat that shields the virus 

3. Application of sanitizers and alcoholic drinks that have over 60% alcohol 

4. Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc Sulphate to be taken in accordance with professional prescription 

5. Madagascar's drink that has herbs in the right proportion. See the picture below.  

6. We should all do more research on the US Remdesivir treatment.  

Let me end by saying that the real virus has been defeated. The creators are shocked that Africans could find a cure in so short a time. They are disappointed that we did not die as much as they [did]. Let us maintain good hygiene whilst going about our duties. Some governors will continue to implement harsh containment policies even when they know that their actions are propelled by the political virus. May God help us all. I thank God for using me to reach out to a lot of you.

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