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5 Foods People Eat Every day That Are Bad For Their Hearts

The heart is a very delicate and Important organ of the body that needs to be properly taken care of. The heart is responsible for, pumping blood throughout the body and humans cannot survive without a heart. There are, many diseases that can affect the heart.

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For example, some people suffer from heart problem and some people have conditions like, hypertension which increases their risk of, developing heart problems. Heart problems can be prevented but unfortunately, many people constantly eat things that puts their heart health at risk.

There are foods that can promote heart health like, avocadoes and vegetables and there are foods that can damage the heart.

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Here Are Five Popular Foods That Are Bad For The Heart

1. Junk Foods: junks are probably one of the most common foods that a lot of people both old and young consume daily. People see junks foods like; pizza, burgers and cookies as treats and some people even form the habit of eating junk food like, bonce on a daily basis.

Junk foods contains a lot of sugar and saturated fats which are two things that are harmful to the heart.

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2. Fried Foods: frying is a cooking method that a lot of people use to cook their foods. Many people see eating fried chicken or, fried meat as enjoyment without knowing that, they are doing themselves and their hearts more harm than good.

Instead of frying your meat, yam or potatoes you can roast them or, boil them. Because, most oils used in frying these foods contains a lot of saturated fat which can cause cholesterol to build up which is very bad for your heart health and can lead to heart attack.

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3. Soft Drinks: soft drinks are probably one of the most consumed drinks in Nigeria. They are consumed by people of all ages. Soft drinks are basically made with sugar and other artificial additives which are harmful to the health.

Aside from the fact that, soft drinks popularly known as minerals in Nigeria can increase one's risk of diabetes, it can also can also increase a person's risk of hypertension and heart diseases.

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4. Red Meats And Processed Meats: red meat are popularly refered to as, beef and they are mainly derived from cow. Red meats contains a lot of unsaturated fats which can cause the buildup of bad cholesterol which is bad for the heart.

Also, processed meats like bacon and hotdogs are bad for the heart because, they also contain a lot of saturated fat which is bad for The heart.

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5. Salt: salt adds taste to food which means that, people will always have to cook with salt. Adding small quantities of salt to food is completely fine. However, some people add a lot of salt to their food and also comsume a lot of products that contain salt like, seasoning cubes. 

Taking too much salt is bad for the heart and can increase a person's risk of heart attack. Hypertensive people should also reduce their salt intake.

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