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Check Out The Recent Health Condition Of ADA JESUS As She Was Spotted In New Hope Hospital (VIDEO)

Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison, who is an human rights activist has recently give update on the treatment of Nmesoma famously known as Ada Jesus, who is a popular Comedian, where he shared a video of Ada Jesus receiving treatment in a hospital in Onitsha which was said to be New Hope Hospital. Review that one Mr Marksman Chinedu had given a lot of money to see that the young comedian gets satisfactory and adequate medical treatment. Harrison has willingly volunteered to ensure that she is well treated with the money some individuals donated. The video was shared by him some hours ago on his Facebook page, Ada Jesus was seen sitting on an the clinic treatment bed and the video recorded and showed that she was receiving treatment at New Hope Hospital in Onitsha. 

While watching the video, another place was spotted in the video where she was helped into a wheelchair by the Harrison and one other person. It appears that her condition is critical however she looks somehow improved then when she was seen in past video.

In the recent video, she was seen writing something on her telephone as she can't talk yet. And that was the method she use to communicate with those people around her on what she want.

According to Harrison's post on his Facebook page, he refuted all the claims that she was in this condition due to the thing she said about others. He said he has investigate appropriately and discovered that Ada Jesus has been suffering from the illness for more than three years. She has recently been dealing with her illness but when the illness got serious, she has no option than to come out for help.

Click the link below to watch the video;

I pray that God will heal her and bless all those people that donate money for her treatment.

Do you also want to pray for her? Use the comment section below to share your prayer with her and her families. And don't forget to share this article with your friends and families.

Source: Gwamnishu Harrison Facebook Page

Content created and supplied by: OluYemi1345 (via Opera News )

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