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Reasons why Mosquitoes can not transmit HIV, according to Science.

HIV also known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a deadly virus that tends to copy or replicate itself to resemble the body immune cells. This confuses the body cell which starts attacking itself(immune system). The progression of HIV virus leads to full blown AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) which is the most lethal phase of HIV metamorphosis. However, HIV can be managed from becoming full blown AIDS by taking the needed medication meant to slow down the spread of the virus since it has no cure.

There have been several questions concerning how the virus is transmitted; while the obvious ways by which the virus can be transmitted still remains through blood and fluid contact, especially during intimacy, use of sharp objects that have been infected. The most commonly asked question Is "can mosquitoes transmit HIV?" This article will lay emphasis on the reasons why mosquitoes can't transmit HIV or AIDS.

The following explanations are why mosquitoes can't transmit the virus:

1. The HIV virus gets digested in the mosquitoes gut.

According to science HIV is unable to replicate within the mosquitoes gut and therefore it is broken down. In Humans HIV binds to T-cells and start replicating, no T-cells exist in mosquitoes gut and so the virus has no way of migrating or replicating in the mosquito salivary gland. During the degestion the HIV virus are completely destroyed.

2. Mosquitoes blood sucking mechanism.

"Mosquitoes are not flying hypodermic needles," the snout of a mosquito, which looks like a needle is divided into six parts, four of these are used to pierce the skin of the person or animal it is biting, while the other two are divided into two tubes. One of the tube sends saliva to the mosquito, while the other one sends blood to the mosquito.

This two systems are the reasons why mosquitoes are unable to transmit HIV. Only saliva is injected when a mosquito bites, so a HIV-positive blood which the mosquito has ingested can not be transmitted to another Human.

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