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See why Breathing is a therapy

Author itohan marion

Breathe!! Breathe!!

I wasn't even aware that I had stopped breathing. My heart was pounding, threatening to burst my ear drums with the intensity of its beating. My lungs could barely expand.

I was sinking. I was falling and I was dying. This pain was unbearable.

Breathe!! Breathe!! He reminded me.

I didn't want to try again.

Breathe!! He gently commanded.

I took a breath and then another. That did it.

The dam broke. The rivers of tears soaked his shirt and mine. Despair clutched my soul; held it in its grasp and refused to let go. 

I felt a coldness fill my heart, filling me up until I could swear I was the snow Queen with the ability to freeze nations with just a glance.

Breathe!! He said.

'I have tried, ' I moaned.

'Look at me,' he whispered.

I looked at him. His smile was brilliant.

I looked down and gasped.

My feet were off the floor. He was carrying me.

' didn't I tell you I will always be there? Didn't I tell you I was strong enough to carry you through life?'

'Don't be afraid, Only believe.' He whispered, ' Let me carry you. Release the pain. Trust me to mend you.'

I sighed.

'Okay Lord, I trust you. Carry it, carry me. Take it all.'

He smiled again. I smiled back and then laughed. I felt so light, so free.

Without warning, a shadow of sadness crossed my face.

'Oh no you don't, He gently scolded me. 'You can count on me. You can count on my word. I never lie. I am unchanging. Don't pick the despair back up.'

'I believe in you,' I whispered back, ' You are the God of miracles. Thank you Jesus for my Miracle.'

I don't know what's going on in your life or how difficult it may be to breathe. You may feel despair clutching at your heart and you can't break free...

Remember Jesus. He is asking you to breathe and trust Him to carry you. Trust Him for that miracle. Trust Him to be who He says He is.

He has this all figured out.

Do you know Jesus?

Better do!!!


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