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See Photos Of Basketball Player Who Spends N547 Million Naira On His Body Every Year.

Staying healthy isn't cheap as people think it is, it takes discipline, money and determination. Today I present to you a basketball player who spends N547 million on his body.

LeBron James Popularly Known as "King James" is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, people would say spending 1.5 million dollars (547 million naira) is a total waste of money. But actually he earns far much more than what he spends.

See how he spends it :

1. Cryotherapy (Freezing Hydrogen Chamber Treatment).

LeBron undergoes a treatment called Cryotherapy, this is a special treatment where his whole body is covered in a special chamber filled with freezing liquid nitrogen. The purpose of this treatment is to speed up the recovery of worn out or injured body tissue. That is, if a body tissue which would have taken 3 days to heal might be reduced to a day or less by Cryotherapy treatment.

2. Hyperbaric (Oxygen Chamber Treatment).

King James is zipped up inside a special bag filled with oxygen, he sleeps in it for sometime. The purpose of this treatment is to increase his oxygen in take level.

3. Norma Tec Boots (Athlete Massage and Recovery)

King James wears a boot-like thing on his leg, to massage his leg and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise.

Any average Nigerian, especially an Igbo man will see it as a waste of money, they would prefer the money to be invested into something that will bring in more revenue.

See photos of LeBron James:

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