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The Mosquitoes in my house are terrible, I don't know what to do anymore

The Mosquitoes in my house want to kill me, I have tried everything possible to conquer these tiny creatures, but to no avail. Some of my friends advised me to buy sniper, of which I did. I sprayed the whole content in my house, the chemical was too harsh and we had to stay outside the house for my hours. I initially thought that the sniper would have eliminated these mosquitoes because it was so terribly harsh that nothing (at least as I thought) would be able to survive in my house.

This had no effect on eradicating the mosquitoes, in fact, the biting from these mosquitoes was harsher than before. I had gone online to know what the issue is with the presence of too many mosquitoes in my house, and I found out that having bushy areas around you could definitely increase their presence in your house or vicinity.

It wasn't long before all the bushes around me were cleared and I concluded that they should decrease in their numbers after what I have done. Unfortunately, the result was different. I could not understand why these creatures will not just leave and what is the exact thing they are looking for in my house.

I have a river some metres away from my compound, I also confirmed that having rivers nearby, could increase my exposure to mosquitoes. Constant biting from these creatures on several occasions has led my being diagnosed of malaria fever.

I have tried virtually everything and I have ran out of options, I don't know what to do. Any provided solution will help everybody out.

Thank you

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