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When you think you have seen it all - See these funny sleeping positions that can crack your ribs

Sleep they say, is the best form of rest. People have different ways of sleeping. Sometimes it depends on the condition. If someone is very tired, the person may sleep in an uncanny position. When someone is very Happy to bed, this may change his or her sleeping position or pose. The worst is when someone takes alcohol, that is when you will see the other part of the person.

Some people sleep with their mouths wide open. Some throw their legs, hands and whole body at different places. Some sleep like Angels (that is if Angels sleep).

But some people have a particular sleeping position they are addicted to. Most of us have one funny sleeping positions. That is why I bring you these funny sleeping positions to start and end your day with. Don't forget to indicate your type of sleeping position from here in the comment section. You must find your sleeping position here. All sleeping positions are here, unless you don't know how you sleep (lol).

Funny sleeping positions.

Don't lie, did you laugh? Say the truth.

Now tell us your sleeping position here. Just select one. Don't lie. I know our girls will say that they sleep like Angels.

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