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5 Side Effects Of Lemon Grass To The Body

Lemon grass is not particularly common in Nigeria and as a result, many people do not know about it. Some of the numerous health benefits of lemon grass includes; it helps to regulate blood sugar levels, relieve Inflammation etc.

However, despite it's health benefits, and seemingly harmless nature, lemon grass can cause certain side effects. Side effects here refers to the negative implications a person's experiences after taking lemon grass. 

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Here Are Five Side Effects a Person Might Experience After Taking Lemon Grass

1. Increased Urination: one of the health benefits of lemon grass is that it serves as a diuretic. Diuretics are medications used in treating ailments like kidney and heart disease.

Diuretics makes a person to urinate regularly and since lemon grass serves as a diuretic consuming it will Increase the frequency of your urine. So, avoid taking lemon grass if you do not want to urinate too much.

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2. Tiredness: a person is said to be tired when they are unable to perform their normal daily activities due to weakness. Some people take lemon grass to serve as sleep enhancer because, it helps weakens their nerves which makes them fall asleep faster (this is not scientifically proven yet).

So, it might be best to avoid lemon grass if you are going to have a busy day.

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3. Hunger: it is normal to experience hunger at certain times during the day like, in the morning or, after spending hours without eating. However, feeling hungry frequently even when your last meal was taken three hours prior can be annoying and discomforting.

And one of the side effects of lemon grass is that, it increases hunger.

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4. Dizziness: dizziness makes a person light headed. Dizziness can make people feel like their head is spinning. Feeling dizzy when you have a lot of work to do can set you back, infact serious dizziness can cause falls or, accidents.

One of the possible side effects of lemon grass is dizziness. So, avoid taking lemon grass if you notice that it makes you dizzy.

Image: Times Of India

5. Dry Mouth: lemon grass can also make the mouth dry so it is important to avoid lemon grass the moment you notice that it makes your mouth dry.

Image: Consumer Guide Dentistry

Also, it is important to mention that, some people are allergic to lemon grass. If you start experiencing difficulty in breathing, increased heart beat, rashes and itching after taking lemon grass, it probably means that, you are experience allergic reactions. Rush to the hospital if you experience these reactions consuming lemon grass.

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